Asbestos Awareness (IAM Learning)

Asbestos is dubbed by many H&S practitioners as the silent killer. And you can see why. There’s no cure for asbestos-related diseases, buildings still contain it and once it’s in the air you can’t detect it. If you breathe it in, then it could be fatal. And because it was so widely used throughout the 20th century, it presents a threat to maintenance staff, building workers and the public. Which is why iAM Asbestos Awareness training is an essential part of all personnel and workplace compliance training. Treat this course as part of your business contingency plan to protect you, your business and your workers from harm.

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Who should take this course

As you can imagine, this course is essential training for maintenance staff, building workers and the public. You might be a school business manager, a caretaker, demolition worker, a roofer or even a one-man-band working on-board an old ship. Basically, anyone likely to encounter or disturb asbestos in their working activity. This course is an awareness course and is not designed to demonstrate how to carry out work with asbestos-containing materials. Any work on asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) must only be carried out by competent, trained and licensed contractors.

Why should I take this course

As the responsible person or employer, you have a duty of care to take every reasonable precaution to ensure maintenance staff, building workers and the public are protected from asbestos, and you must have measures in place to manage the hazards effectively. This course will give you sufficient knowledge to be able to assess asbestos hazards in terms of occupational health & safety, and to manage the environment to help keep personnel safe from harm, allowing them to undertake their duties safely and effectively

After taking this training, you should be able to

  • Understand the history behind asbestos and its legacy
  • Understand how it affects people's health
  • Demonstrate procedures to deal with an emergency, e.g. an uncontrolled release of asbestos dust into the workplace
  • Deal with an exposure or discovery of asbestos
  • How to avoid the risk of exposure to asbestos
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of relevant legislation
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Explain & put into place safe systems of work, e.g. safe methods & procedures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the correct personal
  • protective equipment (PPE) and be aware of
  • occupational hygiene matters associated with asbestos handling
  • Assess risks posed by the type and condition of building materials that contain asbestos
  • Outline the requirements & records needed to be compliant


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